Walkthrough Consultation:
Looking to get your property ready for sale or have a professional come in and make recommendations to improve your living space.  Our 2.5 hour comprehensive walk through consultation examines every area of your house and makes recommendations in the areas that need the most attention.  A detailed list of recommendations and follow-up report is presented upon completion. 
Prices start at $150 for a standard home.
1/2 or Full Day Stage or Redesign:
You have completed our walk through consultation and would like to follow up with one or more of our services.  In our stage and redesign package we will come in and work with you to use what you have in a new way to improve the layout, position, flow  and feel of your space.  Things we may address include: hanging and placement of artwork, furniture rearranging and positioning, as well as discussing things like colour, what pieces your room may be missing and utility of the room. 
Prices are $270 for half day (4 hours) and $455 for a full day (7 hours).
1/2 or Full Day Organize & De clutter: 
You are overwhelmed with the amount of stuff and things you have managed to accumulate.  Are your kitchen cabinets overflowing, utility closets over utilized and clothes closets jam packed.  Is paperwork threatening to over take your office? Let one of our professionals come in and help you get started on your purge as you reclaimed your space.  We will also offer practical recommendations, suggestions and techniques on helping you reduce and prevent this reoccurance. 
Prices are $270 for half day (4 hours) and $455 for a full day (7 hours).   

Vacant Property Stage:
Looking to rent out your condo, but don't have the furnishings to make it appeal to the hight end renter? Are you a developer who wants to showcase your work to prospective buyers? Recently divorced and setting up a new residence?  We offer pricing starting from as little as $1500 per month for a 5 room house.  Our packages include everything needed to turn your house into a home.  We will set up and deliver to their final resting place both large furniture items as well as accesories like artwork, linens and lamps.  

Hourly Services:
Our hourly services start at $65 per hour with a two hour minimum.  Our hourly rates cover services like colour consultations, furniture layouts, interior re-design options and personal shopping. 
Custom Sewing:
Sometimes the perfect complement to your room is nowhere to be found.  Our custom sewing services starting at $60/hour offer our clients the option of adding beautiful custom decor creations to their living spaces.  Whether you are looking for one of a kind drapery designs and creations or alterations on store bought products we will work with you to meet your needs.  We will also work with your existing fabric choices to help you get your fabric out of a box and into your space.  Call us today for a custom drapery quote or check out the products section of our website for piecemiel pricing. 
Construction, Renovation & Eco-Upgrades:
In many cases we provide advise to homeowners, and leave the rest up to them, however not everyone is handy around the house or has the tools and supplies to tackle the job.  If you decide you want to let the professionals handle the job our team of contractors can provide you with a free quote or estimate on your job. 
We are also partnered with Ribbit Homes, a company which specializes in eco-upgrades and retrofits to existing homes.  They tackle everything from water reduction through dual flush toilets and low flow fixtures to energy savings through insulating techniques, energy efficient windows and doors, lighting and heat recapture to installation of solar energy systems.  You can view their products and services at http://www.ribbithomes.com/.