At SewChic we offer HomeSchool courses in Decluttering, Staging, Feng Shui & Redesign to help you Smarten up Your Home!
SewChic offers a variety of courses and in house services designed to help homeowners turn their house into their home.  A house is a place to sleep, eat and store all of our stuff, a home is our retreat from the world where we can relax and recuperate, spend time with the people we love and pursue our personal dreams and ambitions.  How we live affects every area of our life including our health, finances, relationships and happiness.  An investment in your home is an investment in your life.  Our goal is to help you make the best investment you can for your home and your family. 
Smart homes help to create balance and harmony in your life.
They work with our current lifestyle to help us to achieve our goals and become who we were meant to be.  Smart homes are decluttered spaces that are easy to maintain and function in.  When we get rid of things that are no longer working for us we invite new memories, experiences and opportunities to come our way.  Feng shui is used to identify obstacles in our life and presents us with tools and cures for their removal while staging and redesign will help to transform our space to create a home that is beautiful, comfortable and relaxing.  It also helps us to determine the areas that are most important in our lives and helps us to create spaces to pursue these activities.  Eco-upgrades and green building technologies contribute to our overall health and well being while saving us money on our water, power and utility bills.  Smart Homes make sense! 

Our designers and courses aim to work with what you already have, making changes that cost you minimal time, money and effort.
As experts trained in the art of maximizing input for effort we often find that simple changes like correct placement of artwork, furniture and lighting, rearranging your space for flow and utility, and adding or removing unnecessary items is all it takes to completely transform a space. For the do-it-yourselfer, these basic design principals are easy to learn and apply and we are happy to share them with you through one of our HomeSchool courses.  For the you-do-it-for-me individual, we offer a range of in house design, decorating and renovation services to provide you with timely and cost effective transformation solutions.