HomeSchool Savings Card
We are currently working with our existing suppliers to develop an exciting new initiative for our students called the HomeSchool Savings Card.  All clients who complete one of our HomeSchool courses will receive a student discount card which gives them preferred buying power at participating retailers for 90 days following their course.  Please see below for discounts offered by each retailer.
Terms & Conditions:
The student discount program only applies to the specific stores and locations listed below.  It does not apply to any affiliate stores in other locations or cities.  In many cases you will be required to book an appointment with a specific sales associate in order to qualify for the savings associated with this program. 
SewChic is not responsible for any errors or omissions in website content pertaining to this initiative.  The store manager at each location will have final say on the interpretation and application of this discount structure with regards to the final discount awarded to each client.  Participating retailers have the ability to withdraw from participation in this program at any time without notice. Offers through this program are void when purchases are made through independent commercial trades, designers & decorators. 
SewChic students are responsible for setting up their own financing options at each location and will not be allowed to charge merchandise or services to SewChic’s commercial account. The Student Discount Card, along with photo ID, must be presented at time of purchase.  Your card is good for 90 days following completion of your HomeSchool training course.
Century Textile
What:             Textile and sewing supply store
Discount:        15% off fabrics and sewing notions  
Restrictions:    Discount does not apply to sale items or sewing machines 
Contact:          Melissa or any sales associate
Phone:            306.652.0994
Location:         1841 Ave C North, Saskatoon

Charter House Interiors
What:               Indoor & outdoor furniture, art work, home decor
Discount:          15% off reg priced furniture and 20% off reg priced decor  
Restrictions:      Discount does not apply to sale items 

Contact:          Jennifer or other sales associate
Phone:             306.653.4634
Web:               http://www.charterhouseinteriors.com
Location:          331 1 Ave North, Saskatoon
Coast Wholesale Appliances
What:               Stoves, fridges, dishwashers, microwaves, washer & drier Discount:                        Varies according to product lines purchased           
Restrictions:      Must see Wendy Kozlowski.  Mgmt based discount 

Contact:           Wendy Kozlowski
Phone:             306.933.4993
Web:               http://www.coastappliances.com
Location:          1 – 2345 Millar Ave, Saskatoon
Days Paints & Design Ltd 
What:               Paint and design store
Discount:          10% off paint and painting supplies   
Restrictions:     Discount does not apply to fabric and window treatments

Contact:           Any sales associate
Phone:             306.665.6366
Location:          701 – 2 Ave North, Saskatoon
Flo Form Countertops
What:               Laminate, granite, marble, quartz, & corian countertops
Discount:          10% off your custom counter top order         
Restrictions:      Must see Dianne Haaland for student pricing

Contact:           Dianne Haaland
Phone:             306.665.7733
Web:               http://www.floform.com
Location:          2209 Speers Ave, Saskatoon
Kitchen & Bath Classics
What:               Plumbing fixtures, faucets & accessories for kitchen & bath
Discount:          10% off new retail orders       
Restrictions:      Discount avail. for one time purchase on new orders only  
                        Maximum discount of $400.

Contact:            Make an apt with Karissa Kovitch to validate this offer
Phone:             306.933.2237
Web:                www.kitchenandbathclassics.ca
Location:           649 – 51 St. East, Saskatoon
Modern Country Interiors
What:               Furniture, upholstery and accessories
Discount:          10% off regular priced products       
Restrictions:      Not available with other sales or promotions 

Contact:           Dave or any sales associate
Phone:             306.382.2373
Web:               http://www.moderncountryinteriors.com
Location:         810 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon
Richardson Lighting
What:               Lighting Fixtures 
Discount:         10% off regular priced lighting & lamps         
Restrictions:      Only available on regular priced items
                        Must see Craig Roberts for discount pricing
Contact:            Craig Roberts
Phone:              306.933.4777
Web:               www.richardsonlighting.com
Location:          3 – 402 47 St East, Saskatoon
Steel Met Decor
What:               Furniture & Decor 
Discount:          10% off regular priced furniture & home decor items          
Restrictions:      Discount does not apply to jewellery, metal or sale items 

Contact:           Michael or any sales associate
Phone:             306.974.3885
Location:          1- 1810 8 St East or 516 43 St East, Saskatoon
The Brick
What:               Home furnishings, appliances and electronics 
Discount:          Up to 40% off reg priced furniture
                        Discount subject to package pricing           
Restrictions:      Must meet with Fazle Awal for discount pricing
                        Special offer not available through other sales associates
Contact:            Fazle Awal
Phone:              306.261.8784
Web:               www.thebrick.com
Location:           2035 – 1 Ave North, Saskatoon
Unique Contract Interiors
What:               Custom upholstery work
Discount:          10% off foam, fabric, vinyl, drapery hardware and freight  
Restrictions:     Discount does not apply to labour

Contact:           Stella
Phone:             306.242.4842
Web:               http://www.uniqueupholstery.ca
Location:           2956 Portage Ave, Saskatoon
Western Carpet One
What:               Flooring, area rugs and home decor 
Discount:          15% off reg priced area rugs & home decor items             
Restrictions:     Discount does not apply to tile and flooring 

Phone:              306.665.6640
Web:               www.westerncarpetone.ca
Location:          610 Cynthia St., Saskatoon